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a week like this, mitt might want to get back into his quiet room. joining me now is karen finney msnbc political analyst and former communications director for the national -- for the democratic national committee. thank you for being here. >> hey, reverend. >> we talked about a nine-point bounce for the president from just one week ago. how much of that is due to the democrats pounding governor romney for his record? >> you know, i think the republicans and governor romney kind of did their own damage. i mean, you know, i look at that poll and i say okay. the american people had a week -- three days to take a look at the republican party and what they were offering in their own way. right? paul ryan got to go out there and represent himself in the way that he wanted to represent himself without a filter. and it seems to me that what people are saying you know what? we don't want that. we don't buy that. and i will be very interested to see the bounce we get coming out of this election. but more -- ipgs, this convention. but more importantly i think what you'll see in those battle grou
their lives. >> joining me now are karen finney and robert reich. professor reich, the romney flip flopping now, it's instantaneous, now separated by minutes. he's getting caught up desperately on the issue of health care as we just saw. romney care versus obama care. it seems like just -- and you've been around enough campaigns, that behaviorally what we're seeing here in this candidate is a form of public panic. the flip-flopping is related to him being absolutely lost at this point as a candidate. >> i think that's right, lawrence. it's a form of desperation. what this candidate is displaying is a lot of different voices yelling into his ear from different aides, saying you've got to be this kind of candidate. some of them are saying in response to that 47% video, you've got to show compassion. so all day today, romney in ohio was going around saying his heart aches for people who are unemployed. he is proud of what he did in health care in massachusetts. he's proud of the entitlements he created. but the same romney hearing from another political adviser probably shouting in the other e
his speech to the campaign to review farce we know. joining me from charlotte, karen finney and former dnc communications director and i'm joined by former noout gingrich spokesman and senior adviser to the akin campaign. how does he help president obama? >> he'll remind people what it's like in terms of democratic policies and the competence and state where the country was in after eight years of president clinton's presidency and the reminder we need to stay on that path. he will highlight in a way that only bill clinton can do. as you've heard so many people talk about the challenge. he knows in a very personal way what the differences mean because he has been a stew ard of this economy. he's been a steward of this country so he understands the challenge that president obama is facing and the challenge we have going forward. that's what he's going to outline for people tonight. >> he also had uniquely and still does have uniquely broad appeal in many circles and with those independent voters in the latest poll, the president trailed governor romney by 7 points among white blue colla
and bloomberg few columnist, jonathan alter. former dn c communications director karen finney and proves james peterson of he lie university. karen, mitt romney is polling at zero with african-americans. he's -- it's said almost 70% of latinos will support the president, and now he says 47% of the entire electorate is obsessed with entitlements. answer this question, does this man really want to win this election? >> apparently not, i mean, you would think by the way he's running this campaign, no. it's appalling what he said because -- and this is the thing. it's not the first time he's talked about handouts and freebies. clearly there is something in his mind about who the hard working people and who are the moochers, right? who deserves those tax credits like that 3% that actually doesn't pay federal income tax because they make so much money and then, you know, i don't know, all these people that are working hard. the problem for governor romney interestingly enough, i'm glad you said snob, because the truth is when santorum was talking about the snobbery, that's who he was talking about.
day. it's about who we are as americans. >> karen finney is an msnbc political analyst and the former dnc communications director. karen, given that there isn't any substantive evidence for widespread voter fraud in this country, do you think this is now part of the republican talk-it to win the election in november, basically prevent as many democrats as possible from getting into a voting booth? >> well, let's see. we had a disaster in 2001. then we had help america votes act and then in 2008 when the obama complain completely changed the electorate by registering a new swath of voters, young voters, guess what, the president won. and guess what? right after that in, what, 30 states -- >> pure coincidence. pure coincidence. >> i mean, you know, it just so happens all these voter i.d. laws happen to pop up in states where we have seen the most growth in african-american and latino voters, people of voting age. so i'm sure it's just a coincidence though, martin. >> as we look at the map, karen, we find no fewer than 33 states have enacted voter i.d. laws. the attorney general, eric ho
biden and karen finney, msnbc political analyst and former communications director for the democratic national committee. karen, romney's sticking with this line. i mean, does it -- does he not get what this country is all about? >> democrats think it is all about government doing everything four, we have heard that line before. if you think argument to be made that we are all in this together, i am my brother's keeper and the idea that you know what if you need a little bit of help, we are going to give you a little bit of help and you're going to do, you know, your part as well. what i find so interesting and we were talking about this, in his mind, clearly, there are different classifications of people who don't pay taxes. remember, there are people who are wealthy at the top who don't pay tax. but they are makers. >> makers are loopholes and takers who may have ribbon vested in their own social security. you're just confused? >> that's right. that's right. >> i want you to clear that up -- the break down for us the difference in the top and the bottom in terms of the those that do
an answer. >> karen finney, i think the debate moderator should be watching this. one of them might be to say to them okay, could you tell us three tax deductions that you will protect, to just tell us ones you're absolutely opposed to touching in any way. it has to be more than one because they'll all say don't touch charitable. the debate moderators have to go in the front door, the back door, every way they can with these guys. >> they also have to have the follow-up question prepared. when mitt romney says of course i support the preexisting conditions in health care reform, but what he really means is people with continuous care, okay, then what about the 89 million americans who are not covered under that framework? because he keeps talking in these jen ralties about these framework. it's very much management consultant speak where the two circles on the ven diagram. so i think the interviewer, the moderators will have to be ready to come back with really solid follow-up questions to really expose the rhetoric for what it is, which is, it's just, you know, fluff. >> which is w
't reappoint him if you won? >> i'd like to pick someone that i selected. >> joining me now, karen finney, former dnc communications director and msnbc contributor. and keith boykin, a democratic strategist and cnbc contributor. turns out ben bernanke's days are numbered. that's it. if he's going to help stimulate the economy, then i'm afraid president romney would have to just get rid of him. >> and it was governor perry who said it would be treason if he printed more money between now and november. don't you love how bernanke would do anything to help the economy, help the stock market, help, i don't know, working people, is clearly an attempt to help obama? it can't possibly be for any other reason like, i don't know, bringing stability, let's say, or predictability to our markets. >> let's listen to how chuck schumer welcomed paul ryan back to capitol hill today. >> it's nice to see paul ryan back here in congress. it will be even nicer to see him back here as a full-time member in january. now, there have been a lot of controversy about mr. ryan and some of the things he says and wha
now. we are joined by steve kornacki, company host of "the cycle." msnbc poli karen finney. a tale of two cities. tampa and charlotte. would political conventions. but could their stories be any more different than they are today? >> we have been saying all along the contrast you are going to see in this election is very dramatic, very different and i think democrats did an excellent job last night starting to make that case and lay this out, very proud. >> steve, do you agree? >> yes. you know, what struck me watching that last night, i heard a theory about this race that it is sort of the mirror image of with our that barack obama and democrats are basically sort of enjoying some of the same advantages and funking the same way in this race that george w. bush and republicans were in 2004. and you know, the -- setup for the convention this week is the republicans are coming off of what at least in terms of the polling was a disappointing convention for them and that kind of reminded me of 2004 with the democrats. john kerry and democrats in boston did not get much of a bounce in 2
voters. let's turn to karen finney tonight. msnbc political analyst and former communications director for the dnc. good to have you with us tonight. 23% down in the audience, what do you make of that? is the country just politically exhausted and tired of the guy who shipped a bunch of guy jobs overseas? >> the snake oil he's selling, they're not interested. their strategy has been fake it until you make it. we saw going into the convention, the support for romney even within the conservatives in the party, not that excited about governor romney, and certainly, democrats weren't going to tune into that because they have heard that rhetoric. it's bad for the republicans. i don't want democrats to take anything for granted, but it does show that governor romney just does not have what it takes to inspire people. to get people excited. >> the best thing romney and the republicans have going for them right now is that people on their side just don't like president obama. that might be the motivating factor. should the democrats be worried tonight? >> absolutely. i have come from the schoo
that message, too. joining us now is karen finney, a former communications director for the democratic party. because i mentioned naral, she is a board member at naral pro-choice america. you a political pro. what does it mean when one side is running ads saying how scary that side's position is and the other side is saying yeah, we're saying the exact same thing. >> we're saying we all agree the republicans want to make drastic changes to medicare. it goes to the point that you made earlier in the intro here and it goes to partially why we look at things like honest and trutworthiness and shares my values so closely in the polling and that is there's an agreement that republicans want to make a change. the question for voters is who do you trust? if changes have to be made, who do you trust to be the steward of those changes? one of the things we know, republicans have admitted this, they go into that conversation with a deficit, right? democrats largely are more trusted on the issue of medicare than republicans. so they're already starting with a trust deficit on an issue where they haven'
? our brain trust today, political editor for the karen finney, the former communications director for the dnc. she is also msnbc political analyst. and robert costa, contributing to cnbc's "kudlow report," and a political reporter at the national review. good saturday to all of you. >> hey, craig. >> nice to see you, craig. >> i'm going to start with you. in a piece for the grio, you write in nearly every battleground state, democrats have successfully cast the laws as discriminatory and unnecessary. and they've won in court, keeping in place largely the same voting laws that existed when obama won in 2008. why do you think -- why have democrats been so successful? >> in general, you have had this from a bunch of states, and not only democratic, but also republican judges have said that these laws shouldn't be on the books. these laws are -- the republicans say these laws will stop voter fraud. and what these judges are saying is there is not real evidence of voter fraud, and certainly not enough to necessitate laws that are disproportionately would affect minorities and
was told do by the republican voters and i plan to get that job done. >> joining me now karen finney. karen, claire mchaskell will be with me tomorrow night when she will know if she is with it todd akin to the end and i think newt gingrich is right about something. that the republicans will come flooding back into the race to do anything to stop claire mchaskell. >> so you are in this much trouble, and the only person that you can get to come in to help you plead you're case is newt gingrich. shelly adelson's $10 million couldn't save. it shows how bad off todd akin is here. the i think it's highly possible the republicans will have some talking points prepared as to why they're going to have to go back on what they said and support akin. they may do it less overtly. but they don't, they know this seat is important to them in terms of the balance of the senate and because it's important to romney. the. >> let's listen to how newt gingrich explained away saying dumb things. >> let me say something. i have occasion said pretty dumb things in my career. my wife still occasionally looks at me
polls don't paint such a pretty picture for the gop nominee. we bring in our panel. karen finney, former communications director for the dnc, also an msnbc political analyst and political analyst john ferry. thanks for sticking around with me. we broke in with the news with ahmadinej ahmadinejad's speech. >> up by 2 points since mid-july, obama's ratings for his campaign. is this. going week really do or die for mitt romney on the campaign trail this week and then leading into october 3rd, that first debate? >> well, i think he's behind in ohio, for example. and i think his campaign is starting to gear up post democratic convention. for example, they've just started getting ads in youngstown, ohio. they're going to have to pick up the pace. the debating are going to be critical. think he had a very good "60 minutes" interview. he was pretty funny. having bill clinton say something nice about you might give him a bounce, which i think he desperately needs. >> karen, we see in each of these new polls, the women are the driving force, but the romney campaigns say they see a much tighter rac
is the question. joining me now, karen finney, msnbc political analyst and former communications director of the democratic national committee and e.j. dionne, columnist for "the washington post," and he's writing today about whether this election can fix what is wrong thanks to both of you for being here. what has to happen to get washington working again? >> well, i think -- i'm really glad you're doing this segment. because if president obama does win this election, one of the biggest debates, important to everybody and not just republicans, would be the debate inside the republican party about why they lost. and the right wing is going to want to blame romney, say he didn't present them and we have a stake with the tea party and the right. if, however, the republicans start losing some of these seats, losing and walsh and bachmann and allen west, then it's going to be harder for the right end of the party to argue our ideas went untainted and i think if some of these folks actually lose the election, the more moderate conservatives in the party will be able to say, this wasn't just ab
of their money -- >> so karen finney, there is with the staard message up to today, which is i want to bring thtewn and then the next sentence is, but don't be expecting a huge tax cut because i'm also going to lower deductions. his problem is we've asked him for specifics. he didn't give us any, but he sure left his audience confused wihe hidt. >> well, i almost expected him to say you free loaders, don't expect a big tax cut. just yesterday he admitted that president obama did not cut taxes on the middle class. so this guy doesn't know if he's coming or going. i think what you're showing is quinesiallth exifiehis problems. this campaign is trying to be all things to all people without be a core and center narrative about who he is and what he's trying to accomplish. so much of what we're seeing is not just desperation, but it's trying to please or appease all these different audiences. ane onsisnc plays into his fundamental flaw as a candidate, which is he's not trust worthy. opanruim so if you're an undecided voter sitting at home and you see yesterday he said the thing about obama, toda
and waited for your opportunity. so thank you so much. >> karen finney, ron christie, ari, thank you all. >>> next, more on the worst week ever for team romney. stay with us. >> the first step to a stronger medicare is to repeal obama care because it represents the worst of both worlds. humans -- sometimes life trips us up. and sometimes, we trip ourselves up, but that's okay. at liberty mutual insurance we can "untrip" you as you go through your life with personalized policies and discounts when you need them most. just call... and speak with a licensed representative about saving on your policy when you get married, move into a new house... [crash!] or add a car to your policy. don't forget to ask about saving up to 10% when you combine your auto and home insurance with liberty mutual. security, coverage, and savings. all the things humans need to make our beautifully imperfect world a little less imperfect. call... and lock in your rate for 12 months. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? if we want to improve our schools... ...what should we invest in? maybe n
analyst karen finney, dana mill bank, a political columnist for "the washington post and mike, a white house coespoenr im zi karen, mr. romney proudly offered his own health care reform as evidence that he cares about people. 50 minutes later he says he'll repeal the president's health care reform. two of our producers have been hospitalized for whiplash having been forced to watch which w 's. kful they have health care. is even mr. romney himself now tired of the severely conservative mask that he himself has been forced to wear? >> indeed, i think he is. as we talked about earlier this week, just a year or two or three ago, he had exactly the oppoosion a criticizing the idea that people would, you know, go to emergency rooms and that -- talking very differently about health care. the problem with this is it plays to exactly hisundamental flaw as a candidate, which is u , vekeo 't trust him. people, even conservatives, a friend of mine's conservative mother had the best quote of all. she said i don't know if my issue is going to be the next thing that gets thrown under the bus. so whe
's an economic issue. we're joined now by msnbc political analyst karen finney and anna marie cox of "the guardian" and msnbc contributor jonathan capehart who has had his hair beautifully cut for this occasion. karen, if i might begin with you, somewhere i formed the impression that mr. romney's campaign was all about jobs anded economy. now he's talking about the almighty's name on coins and he's hanging out with pat robertson. what exactly is going on now? >> oh, martin, come on now. he was in virginia, and i mean a couple things. number one, this is a clear attempt to go after the evangelical voters in the republican base who already don't trust him, but also -- >> karen, he's already won the primary. >> oh, but in order to win the general election, let's take a look at virginia folk. president obama actually lost the white vote in virginia but won the african-american vote and that's a big part of how he won the state. so my read of that language was a very clear pandering and outreach to what evangelical voters in the state trying to use god, frankly, as a wedge issue, which i find
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 74 (some duplicates have been removed)